Friday, June 11, 2010


It’s been a while since my last post. To get back on writing again really takes a lot of effort despite the fact that stories you would want to blog about can readily be culled from those months of experiences you have had. To put stories into words is not easy as it seems. It seems that my head is in the complete state of frozen paralysis not knowing how to begin all over again. Well let me start with my working life. Well, it’s been up and up for me. I’m starting to re-establish my connection with my job I once frowned upon. It was not deliberate a discontent and depression when I was beginning to put my heart and soul into it only to succumb to people’s deconstructive criticism over my job with their ripping off my confidence and zest. I’ve begun to realize that academics are all also liable to making big mistakes on a very a simple reason that there are humans like me. Thus relegating people because of their performances and being novice to the job they are responsible for is just uncalled for and it does show their not being unfair to themselves when they too used to go through the same process of learning in their life. It’s like rooms for improvement are all shut down and no second chances are allowed. Thanks to those kindi hearted people helping me to find my way, I managed to get it over with standing on my head. I've been repeatedly told to keep a cold head throughout. I’m doing just that and it works.

The past 4 months have seen numerous things worth rate of mention here. The story of the year would be an opportunity given to expand my career path. I won’t let people around me down. I will definitely show to them that I measure up to their expectation and am capable of doing things assigned to me. Students are on semester break at the moment. It really gives me some good space to readjust and re-energize my life for next year’s battle. Preparation for next semester’s class is yet to be finalized. Module writing is still in progress under Hj Wan’s supervision and constant fine-tuning is observed as a matter of course. English Camp collaborating with PSU university is slated to take place next week whose preparation is still up in the air despite a couple of meetings to get the ball rolling, yet it still sets my pulse racing; to meet those delegates coming for the program and to get it done with as soon as possible are all what I’m looking forward to. SEED and visit to PSU are also in the pipeline that both programmes also require manpower from my Centre to be part of the working committee. I hope everything will have been settled by tomorrow morning. It’s really been a great pleasure indeed to be working with the team I am with now. You guys rock!!