Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mr Lonely

Have you ever felt like retreating to a solitary confinement away from this human’s never-ending search for immortality for good? When you feel that you’ve had enough of what the world has to offer and you can’t help but succumb to its incessant temptations, that would be the best avenue to turn to. I have done just as that for the past few months in trying to comprehend the fact of life which is way beyond my ken. I have been so much in despair to think of when would be the end of this spiritual predicament. I’m lost and bewildered and in constant effort to try to step out and make meaning out of my life. What a wretch I am. As much as you when reading this entry are sick of my seemingly endless laments over my own life I feel the worse. I hate this feeling preying on my mind. I hate it when I have to pretend that everything is fine with me. I hate it even more when I have to keep up appearances for the sake of others’ happiness and I hate it when I have to pen this down ....I think this confinement is all I need the most at the moment.