Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Here I am

Reading blogs has always been my cup of tea. Blogs filled with a whole lot of amazing stories by different kinds of people of different estimations on life never stop to amaze me. Sentiments intertwined in their stories gleaned from their experiences have urge me to share my own. Experiences that can probably serve as lessons of life .Besides; I think this is the only way by which I can hone my writing skills.-passion for writing that’s always been there for as long as I can remember.
It was actually this particular person who got me into blogging. A good friend of mine whose stories always get my attention. I had promised him to start my own blog, way back during years of my life at the Alma meter, but given the fact that the gut was still not there then, I decided to put it off until today, with the bursting desire to share what I’ve got, here I am, plopping in my seat, poised to pen for you stories that you may or may not like. Stories from someone who is still wet behind the ears, still in quest for a better life. Someone whose journey is filled with shards of past life. Someone who wants to make amend of those wasted past life and someone who’s willing to learn.

Happy reading

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