Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My oh My

I really had a bad hair day today. The morning didn’t turn out well for me when I got to know that one of the big wigs at my workplace is still speaking ill of me. He seems to be dissatisfied with my English when nobody has, as far as I know, a problem with it. I heard that he doesn’t like me putting on an American accent with a bit of its Kelantanese counterpart when I speak. Well, what’s the big deal about it? I’ve been using it for as long as I can remember and no body has so far lamed into me in that matter. What’s hurt me is the fact that he keeps telling people he meets the same story, of me not clearly pronouncing words and all. I do admit that I need to work a bit on my voice projection and I think that is what has caused this hullabaloo. Such a chatterbox he is. He shouldn’t have chosen me for the position in the first place if he thought that I was not up to the mark. This whole thing leaves me in despair and frustration. His bad-mouthing would definitely affect me in someway. Other staff are likely have doubt about my ability in my own field. What have I done really that he seems to have no pang of guilt in spreading bad stories about me? Hasn’t he got something better to do? Being on top doesn’t mean that he has every right to criticize people and being genius doesn’t even make him any better from his subordinates. Argh, enough about the person. I should actually count my self lucky for having such good friends- a bunch of rays of sunshine I would take them as, that I can always rely on. They tried so hard to pacify me this morning so that I didn’t really take it to heart.

By the way, I had a great outing with a few of my jovial and irritatingly fun colleagues just now. We went out to have our dinner at a restaurant that is just so abuzz with people looking for some respite I suppose. The place has become a stomping ground, I reckon for people in Kota Bharu on the weekend. They come here with friends and family that the ambiance of that place seems rather homey. It’s quite therapeutic to be seated by the riverbank while having your meals in the presence of those who never seize to make you laugh. They broke the night with jokes and funny anecdotes, mostly sleazy ones. I couldn’t help but burst into laughter throughout that joyfully half -crappy -half -informative chinwag. I really had the time of my life. How I wish I could make a night of it.


  1. Dear Arif,

    Stand up tall and be a man. You are not to be kidded anymore. It's time to demonstrate the Arif's definition of the world. Don't let them take your pride away ok.

    Life is about ourselves first.

    Keep writing ya! Congrats...

  2. mm...sabar jelah arif...mmm...saya ada..luahkan

    waa..mmg best mlm tu..happy giler...

  3. Dear Arif. You are so new at working life. Just 2 years if I am not mistaken, may be less....Please remember, what you experience is only part of what you are going to face in the next 30-40 yrs of working. Be strong, face it head on....let people like you be in control.