Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I’m drowning in perplexity of perpetual knocks on my heart. Muffled voices from deep within keep telling me to reflect on my very existence. In heartrending solitude I try to make my way out to self-betterment but only to encounter a great many more ordeals that lie ahead of me. ‘That is life’ I’ve been told. The long-winding road to the peak of self-fulfillment seems rather bleak and without much hope. The road that I used to take has proved futile and now I am trying to continue the journey with the last choice that I have. I could see lush green valleys a long the way rendering sweet smiles and songs of sweet lullabies as I pass by. Those hearty pieces of music of the nature give me life and those broken specks of long shattered happiness of mine have begun to reshape and resolve into a petrified symbol that is called LOVE.


  1. too deep of such the english language is a barrier for me to fully enjoy your expressions hence the emotions. prefer simple english for my english level :)

  2. sir,i caught yr blog! nice love story huh? :)