Monday, June 22, 2009

His Yesterday

Through the slit of the glasses,
Pasted plainly with white papers
Pensive, he overmuch misses
Solace snatched by the rapers

He’s groggy in agony,
Envious of the nature he sees,
Singing, humming merrily,
Showing him off its beauties

He wishes he was the breeze,
Dancing gladly with the leaves,
Pleasing creation as it blows,
Spreading love as red as a rose

O! he sadly groans and badly mourns
Over fate he has chosen
He wishes he was reborn
Himself, that’s long been gone

He told me he was afraid,
Wearing clothes of his old trait
I told him don’t hesitate
Wear it and you'll be great

For when you have Him with you
Forever your heart be true

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