Friday, July 16, 2010

New Semester

The new semester has just started. My first class commenced on Sunday despite a bit of a problem with the timetable. Although there are a few clashes yet to be solved all the same the class have to resume. I teach 3 English for Business classes and 1 English 1 class this semester and am looking forward to those classes that I’ve promised to myself to give the best I could to help my beloved students improve their English.

Teaching to me is not only a career that I do to keep my body and soul together rather I take is as a vocation, something that I revere and defines me as an individual. The passion that I have for the noble profession is beyond description that I believe being one commands a great deal of respects though that’s not what I wish for. obviously The profession speaks for itself . Other professions are equally important yet I believe teaching is distinctive in its own way as to compare with its counterpart. Only those in the profession could tell them apart.

Blessed with the best job the world could offer I always make myself aware of the amanah God is testing me with and put myself together to strive for the very best to deliver it accordingly. For every heartbeat I devote to teaching I wish a big reward from the One up there. Handling my students is every bit the reminiscence of how during the good old days in my school years when my teachers had to do the same. I now could readily connect myself to their conscientious efforts in dealing with students of different characteristics albeit perhaps a totally different approach we subscribe, yet the objective is the same. To educate them or at least for some that think it is big a word, to show them ways, good ones of course for them to opt for what they think best fits them for their lives. I always tell my students regardless of anything that might hinder them from achieving their dreams that they have to believe in themselves and put their best foot forward to make them a reality.

One and half year of teaching has tremendously given me fascinating and thought-provoking insights into education though I believe I still leave a lot to be desired. Thus I will take whatever ways and means I could to better myself in that regard. Undoubtedly, I have a long way to go and I will keep going till I reach the ultimate satisfaction; students who are morally and academically commendable being produced who will be of great significance to the society and posses the same wish as I do or ever better. It’s no bed of roses but I’ll do my part to the best of my ability and keep my words to that. To all my students out there, Happy learning!!!

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  1. Wish you all the best, Sir! May God guide you in every way and pour unlimited blessings and graces on you!