Tuesday, July 6, 2010

UMK-PSU English Camp

3 weeks of hiatus and now I’m back again. Hats off s to those involved in the recently held International English camp collaborated with PSU for the hard work and dedication exuded throughout the 3 day program.

It was indeed a sheer success not only to UMK as a whole but also to the working committee who had slogged their guts out to make it a reality and delivered accordingly as planned. The preparation was a bit uncertain at the outset as we had encountered a bit of a problem with the procedures, but we, by the grace of God, managed to sail through all the same safe in the knowledge that this first ever international collaboration would go down the treat. I could see throughout the 3 day program that all participants took part in all the activities in great relish. Their participation was indeed commendable. It really met the objectives to help students to at least get them to speak a word or two since most of them were weak in their command of the language.

The programme indeed served as a platform for them to polish and improve themselves in a fun way different from the conventional methods of teaching that they undergo in classroom. I always believe that learning languages should be made fun and interesting so as to trigger the students’ interest in the language. All in all, the programme was a success and it’s been decided that this English camp will be done on a yearly basis to the benefit of both UMK and PSU’s students.

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