Sunday, May 22, 2011

Office madness

Things at the office have been rather chaotic lately. Everybody seems to be on the run trying hard some out of compulsion to get things done on time or risk themselves of all the expected clich├ęs of the what-have-you-done, when-can –you –get-everything- done and  did-I-tell -you -so third degree from the one in that   big cosy chair. I’m doing just the same. With deadlines to meet I’m working to the best of my ability to satisfy everybody I’m dealing with especially the ones pertaining to INTEC. An English course designed to help those who are still with MUET bands 1 & 2 to graduate. This 1 month course is scheduled to be held early next month. I think that one has always been a major concern not only for people in my department but also the top management, apprehensive actually of the students’ performance in MUET that would definitely cost them their graduation. It’s been made a policy that those who fail to get a good grade in MUET will not be allowed to graduate. That worries the living daylight out of the students themselves and I personally feel sorry for the them as many of them have actually taken the exam many time but to no avail. I hope with the crash course which we are going to offer will be of great help to at least make them improve their communication skill before they jump into the real working world.

Another programme that is going to happen which is slated to take place next week is ICELT. The 1st International Colloquium on the teaching and learning of English. This event is a joint collaboration with Prince of Songkla University in Pattani.  8 lectures from both universities will present their papers on that day. Everybody in the office is starting to get into the swing of it with the designated tasks to finish before Monday. I could see that everybody seems to be intensely rushing to complete their share of work with me having to prepare the MC script with my friends Tia and Kvl. But I guess both of them do no really need me as I believe they can execute the task by themselves with flying colours. :P

The one thing that is making me work so hard to get all this done with is  the fact that these two major events of the year will be my last assignments before I leave for my MA’s.  The excitement has all taken over me already. It leaves me with another 3 months to serve PPBPI to the best of my ability before the enrolment. The prospect of the learning pursuits has started me to get myself prepared for the next two years to win this pitched battle. Now I have started to get myself familiar with research, journals and all that jazz so that I can perform well in my studies. I do hope everything will go as planned.

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