Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Dedication To My Parents

It really makes me swoon with delight to be home again for the umpteenth time already to see my one and only precious source of strength whose love for me as far as I can remember has never withered away. My beloved parents. People say parents’ love is one of the strongest forces on earth. Distinctive on its own. I totally concur with that nicely put powerful statement as I have witnessed and felt myself the gush of my parents’ love. I must say that It doesn’t bear any comparison at all with other loves. It’s so pure and sincere. It is Godsend. It is divine.

I cannot help but take pity on them as they have done a lot to bring up their 11 children this far. Though not all have been able to become what they always wanted us to be, I can however sense and see that satisfying look they compose out of perhaps a celebration of their triumph as parents. I’m really really proud of these two heroes of mine. The patience exuded throughout those years of ups and downs has never seized to amaze me in every sense. Their endurance over incessant obstacles in life is unbeatable. I can only smile and cherish their continuous effort in trying on top form to create a picture of a happy family albeit a bit of a flaw in the noble effort. Hats off to both of them for having tried the best of their ability to become truly responsible parents for us.

True to form, as parents should be, they without fail will always be there for me apart from being the typically industrious bread winners to support this poor family. My father  used to be a teacher but was later laid off by his boss who happened to be his good friend to my surprise for not sharing the same political ideology with him. It left my father jobless but it was not too long before he stood on his feet again doing odd jobs and later joined the political force of a party on a full time basis to fend for the whole family. My Mother helped him support the family with rubber taping, bottle cleaning and brick molding . Life back then was very difficult. I can still recall those days when I had to talk sense into my own self to brace for what God was giving us. Earning our crest and then having to share food was the common picture of what was going on with us. If the memory serves me right, I can still remember having to wear worn-out hand- me-downs for the whole year because my father could not afford to buy new ones for me. Things became a lot worse when they had to bear with one of their recalcitrant sons who had always created problems at the cost of my parents’ right to have the same comfort and well-being like everybody else did. Scenes of the unpleasant past will always be etched in my memory.
But now things have turned out well with this family. I am always a great believer of divine intervention in human’s passage of time. It speaks volumes with most of their children have, by the grace of God managed to secure a good job and live happily with their family now. All their effort has already paid off I believe. 

To my parents Abdullah Ali and Nik Hasmah Nik Ibrahim I love both of you so much and to my mother especially I, from the bottom of my heart would like to wish you a HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY.

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  1. :) Ariffuddin anak yang baik . dapat mengenangkan semua kisah ibubapa yg tersayang. semoga Allah menyayangi mereka seperti mana mereka menyayangi kita masa kecil. Amin.