Monday, June 22, 2009

Once Again

I’m not sure whether this is something that I can make it through. Before coming here I was pretty sure that this is what I had always wanted. This was right up my streets. This was something that defined me. But it has occurred to me that this is no easy job. And It leaves me in depravity of motivation to continue my service here.I hope it’s just a passing feeling, the very feeling that has always become the bane of my life since I started working here .A friend of mine said that I was too ambitious that I couldn’t come to terms to my current situation, being a novice who needs to accept the fact that the learning process is a long way to go. Yes, It does not happen overnight. However hard I try to get shot of it, it stills keeps trying to crowd on in me. It makes me feel dispirited. What’s more with not-so -good stories I’ve heard about myself lately. There are souls out here think that I m not really up to the mark . Ironically why they chose me to be working with them in the first place if they think of me otherwise. I must say I’m a bit baffled as to what they really want from me and now I’m beginning to doubt my own ability whether or not I am really cut out for the job. Only time will tell.

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